Genesis Program

The Genesis Program empowers students to bring their innovations to fruition by supporting great ideas with early stage capital awards between $500 and $5,000. These awards afford students at the University of Texas at Austin the opportunity to transform those great ideas into even greater realities.

Applications for funding are accepted on a rolling basis. Any student currently enrolled at the University of Texas at Austin is eligible to apply. 

THE PROCESS for a startup

1. Submit interest application online. (Access via "Apply Now" button above)

2. Complete full application. (Venture will receive application via email)

3. Pitch in person with Genesis Program members.

4. Venture enters due diligence process.

5. Genesis presents venture to final review committee.

6. Venture is notified of successful funding status.

7. Venture signs offer letter.

8. Genesis releases funding to venture.

9. Venture enters portfolio management.


Note: At every step in the process, the venture may be exited from the Genesis process so that the venture can continue to develop before receiving funding. We strive to ensure that ventures are supported outside of Genesis, and Genesis will work with the venture to connect the team to mentors or overcome obstacles.



Starting a business or inventing a new product (hardware or software) can be very challenging. Do you believe in your dream? Are you ready to put in the hours and dedication to create something entirely new or to improve upon an antiquated system? 


Individuals  who are inquisitive, curious, independent and willing to persist in their drive towards innovation have the opportunity to change the world.  Are you ready to leave your comfort zone and to explore possibilities outside the normal framework of the classroom? Are you prepared to find tangible answers that may direct you to continue along your path, to pivot, or to redefine your goals all together?


Innovation does not come all at once. Is your goal to bring something amazing to life? Do you have the vision to see past what you know and have within reach today, whether that be team, data or skill sets, and the aptitude to plan and organize the venture into a successful opportunity?