Genesis Program

The Genesis Program empowers students to bring their innovations to fruition by supporting great ideas with early stage capital awards between $500 and $5,000. These awards afford students at the University of Texas at Austin the opportunity to transform those great ideas into even greater realities.

TEX Talks

"The mission of the TEX Talks Podcast and Speaker Series is to identify, capture, and share the entrepreneurial spirit that surrounds the University of Texas at Austin and it’s community.  Entrepreneurs share their stories with students to help inspire the leaders of tomorrow, and then we share with others to enjoy via podcast and video formats."

Manos Accelerator

Manos Accelerator Cohort Program

May 23rd to July 31st 2016  


Manos is focused on helping early stage startups achieve three things:

  1. Figuring out how to nail funding down.
  2. Helping you build a Go-To Market Plan that will survive the first 6 months while generating traction.
  3. Identifying three strategic levers that will provide an unmitigated advantage over your competition.

One of the best parts of the program is Manos has a free place for you to stay - plus they cover your food during the week and transportation so all you need is a little weekend spending money.

We have dozens of growth mentors and world-class resources that work hand in hand with you to deliver on the items above.

If you want to learn more please call us at: 408-836-0699 or apply at this link.

Come make new friends in Silicon Valley and begin building a network that will follow any venture you pursue.